I'm Mags, 26, engaged, and on a journey to be heavily modified. This blog is kinky, fat positive, LGBT, full of mods, tea, crystals and gaming = ^^ =
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What’s Sleep

Can’t seen to sleep tonight.  I’m still ecstatic about my chest rocker.  Can’t wait until I’m heavily tattooed so I can get my hands done.  I know Carly would do mine now, but it wouldn’t look quite right.  I dislike that my chest feels incredibly unfinished currently. It’ll be done before Halloween.  Ack! So soon, so happy. 


I think I have a thing for Miss Miley Cyrus.  I’ve only seen her on tv a handful of times at most and I don’t watch much tv but I keep dreaming about her.  The brain is a mysterious thing.  I can honestly say that I couldn’t draw her from memory, not by a long shot, but in my dreams my mind paints her perfect likeness,  I can’t really comprehend all the details that one’s mind stores away and is able to recall for sleep.  Remarkable really.  Anyway, I guess I’ve grown fond of her which is strange I think, as I’ve never been a fan of hers… at all really, but *shrug*  I find myself quite curious,.  I wish she wasn’t a celebrity, I think I might actually have the courage to speak to her.  Oh well, another lovely lady for my dreams…